Tuesday 11 June 2013

The Flat Slab

The light was shining brightly. The windows of the room were open.  It was dawn and so the natural air was filled in the room. The air smelt sweet. The room glowed bright yellow. The large table was of glass, a very thick glass. A lizard lay on the glass. It seemed real and alive as if breathing. Its colour and lines all shone brightly.

Yet it was unreal when it was felt by a touch. It was a glass painting. The table was painted with a beautiful scene. The lizard, the flowers, and the bees all covered this scene. The whole glass painting looked beautiful individually. It felt warm and real and alive as a whole.

An oil painting lay in the room. It pictured the sun setting and a beach. On the beach a small crab looked on at the setting of the sun.

Zooming around the room a plain art slab lay on a smaller table. It had a clean white sheet of paper. Some vibrant colours lay beside on the table. The sheet glowed so bright it looked as if even the white had been painted.

The hue of the sheet slowly changed to a light sky blue. The brush strokes covered it smoothly. Now thin black brush strokes crept up and ran through the whole blue forming a dark contrasting web. The contrast of the web looked beautiful with the blue background.

At a quarter of a distance from the center to the left a small oval shape was made. Its long eight legs covered that area. Even its very tiny hairs were visible. These tiny hairs showed how it attached itself to the web it had made. The silkiness of the web made it glow dark.

The oval that was made lit with two white pels. These pels were two yet they looked more than two. This was due to the spider that stood at the top of the painting. But unlike the previous one this eight-legged beauty had a smile.

One by one the areas of the painting got covered with pairs of pels till it had only eyes. The painting was now dark with eyes all over it. Slowly but steadily the eyes shut down and all was dark.

The flat slab was having a dark sheet over it. The sheet was removed and a new sheet put on which was again all white. Thus the flat slab remained on the small table to be used for one painting after another………

© Aditya Subramanian, 2020

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