Monday 10 June 2013

The Unseen

The flowers of the land bloomed with different hues. The brightness of the sun reflected itself on the big crystal cube. The cube lay somewhere on this flower world. It was shining brightly with specularity. This cube had a miniature dark spot. The spot, unseen to the naked eye, showed the direction.

The dark yet bright flowers saw it. They grew with speed when it pointed at them. It moved in all the faces of the cube randomly.

It vanished, the dark flowers withered with pain. They longed for it to come back. It didn’t come. The big cube could not handle the sun’s bright light and it started to become dark. The dark flowers grew happy but the others grew wild.

The balance seemed shifted. Another cube came up. It too reflected the sun’s brightness. It had a dark spot. It was bigger than the other cube so it tried the balancing act. The spot vanished and it failed. It grew dark out of imitation.

This time a prism cropped up. It had the dark spot at its peak. It balanced. The spot grew bigger. It crumbled at its power.

The prism was dark.

There came many more cubes and prisms and other shapes of varying sizes and they all failed. They failed but not the flowers. Even before, during, and after each happening they seemed out of balance but balanced.

It looked as if all the flowers made different shapes if seen from far above but regained their shapelessness each time. Something was guiding them to balance. It was hidden among them, a flower blending with all other flowers. It was their guiding force. It looked different but remained constant.

It was the miniature spot. It lasted ever due to the flowers and it lasted the flowers forever. It was unchangeable as it revolved round……. 

© Aditya Subramanian, 2020

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