Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Commander’s Army

A great day for them it was. They had come out successful in their battle without a scratch on any one. The huge commander sat down and arranged his team in a straight line to have a look at them. The commander observed his victorious team from left to right.

A creature with big yellow boots and wearing bright red shorts with big round black ears was standing first with a smile. His left hand covered with a white glove was gesturing in the direction of the other team members.

Next, in the team was an animal bigger than a dog but smaller than a horse having a big mouth. Third in the row was a ninja with a sword, big round body armor, knee caps, and a scarf over his bald head.

Fourth was a skinny boy with nice brown shoes, wearing school dress, and a long pointy nose. Passing on came a big fat monster who had ears like trumpets. His laugh echoed in the whole area. The sixth was a small plump animal with a long snake like nose, strong legs, a cute pair of eyes and the large ears used for flying.

Second last on the list seemed half dragon and half donkey with dark chocolate body and small wings. Last but not the least was a tall, slim, man with a cowboy hat and big brown boots. His face was hidden by the shadow of his big hat.

The unique team of eight summed up the commander’s victory.

The kid (commander) clapped around with enjoyment at the team’s effort.

© Aditya Subramanian, 2020

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