Monday, 10 June 2013

The Filthy Dreamer’s Inception

Everything was black. Suddenly a lamp post lighted. The road began to take shape. It was cracked. A shady small house erupted by the lamp post. There was no road behind, all was dark. The road ended at the small house. The walls were all black. The windows were airy as they were all broken. There was a piercing cool breeze blowing. It seemed as if the breeze came out of the windows and as there was no way to go, went back in through the door.

The lamp was shining brightly so the features of the house were crystal clear. The terrace of the house looked as if it was a flat shaven head. The terrace suddenly outgrew long dark creepers. The house now seemed a bit creepy but in respect to itself it must have thought that it now looked just right.

The house drew nearer as if devouring the lamp post and the road. In a moment all went dark. It had devoured everything. Another smaller lamp post lit some distance ahead. The torn carpet showed the way to the lamp post. This lamp was in an elevated position. The ground looked soft but thick and liquid flowed in every direction. The carpet made a formation of a stair leading to the lamp post. It looked like a wriggling snake. As it wriggled the lamp came closer and less elevated until the lamp post was at level.

There was a door which was looking contrastingly beautiful. It seemed to be beseeching the dreamer to come in. It grew nearer as the others had and this time there was no colour in the room. The beauty had completely vanished. It looked as if the room sought to be beautiful but had no one to help. It looked sad.

There was a small wooden box in which dust seemed to be accumulated for years. The box opened up and there was a bright display of red, green, and blue colours. Huge paint-boxes of red, green, and blue colours came out and waited as a dog would, to be commanded. A ginormous brush lay beside the paint-boxes. The dreamer looked at the dark, pale walls and in an instant the walls got coloured with some combination of red, green, and blue colours.

He got to know about yellow, purple, brown, black, white and many more. One by one the whole house got coloured with vibrant colours. He was happy and contented. The windows and doors breathed fresh air. The two lamp posts got lots of colourful walls, carpet, windows, doors, and roads around as friends. The creepers looked like beautiful strands of hair.

The dark and pale colours vanished. The road looked brighter in black and grey. It opened up in various directions. The torn carpet blended with the colours. The ground seemed hard and light. The liquid flowed with crystal clear brown colour as if some chocolate stream. The whole house looked happy.

The dreamer woke up. He wasn’t lying on a dump yard as he was when he went to sleep. He was a colourless filthy good-for-nothing man before the dream but now he had woken up as a painter. His days of living in filthiness were over. He had an inception to paint the whole world colourful. He set out for his ginormous yet cheerful task…….

© Aditya Subramanian, 2020

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