Saturday 9 May 2020

The Mesmerizing Beauty

A variety of colors painted the scene. The girl in the picture sitting on a chair comfortably and conversing with the other person sitting beside. Their deep discussion ongoing with no sense of time.
The second person, he, merely listening to the girl's side of the story at present.

While discussing it felt to him that time did slow, or it was probably his imagination. His listening stopped short as his observation senses heightened. The words coming from those lips seemed slow enough for him to understand or it was as if the communication channel slowed it down for him. Its as if it let him observe her.

He shifted his gaze focusing on her lips to maybe look for the words flowing out of her mouth. The lips stopped once in a while to convey the pause in her talking. It felt to him they still spoke, as if the closed mouth was just a blur from the actually open mouth passing along more words in the air. This left him confused. Was his gaze blurring or is it how it looked when trying to focus on someone speaking. His gaze moved upwards and now looking at the soothing slightly chubby cheeks. In his imagination, they seemed soft to touch.. he felt like caressing her cheeks!

Snapping out, the girl seemed to have moved on to another topic. Why was he not listening!! This was a conversation that they wanted to have.. or had he listened to the previous topic already? He just wasn't sure anymore of the time that had passed. He did not intend to see the clock.. worried if it broke him (or her even, if she felt the same way during this conversation) from this state.

His eyes moved upwards further and rested on her eyes. Her gaze piercing through his observation. He couldn't not look at those dark beautiful eyes. They rolled, and the eyes of the onlooker followed it. They shone when the topic being talked about made her ecstatic. This made him feel in good spirits. They saddened and this saddened him. It was as if it entranced the onlooker. These eyes seem to communicate just by movement. They were silent yet talkative. They had complete hold on him, he felt.

He furiously shifted his gaze away.

Shifting to a walking scenario as the painting morphed to it. His eyes seemed to observe her gait. Why was he observing it? He hadn't the faintest of ideas. This girl was bewitching to him. He thought of the times he.. thought about her. To his pondering walk, came another piercing gaze by the girl. It brought him back to the present. Her silent smile along with those talkative eyes brought tears for him in the inside.

The angle shifted and it was shown that the painter was looking at the single moving painting which was morphing to his amazement showing the different journeys.

This girl had truly enraptured him. Though, he may never say it to her. Or would he? Whatever it was.. it was.. painted.. time to move on? Nay, does he want to be stuck in this loop forever?.. To be forever lost in these scenes?... he pondered. While moving around in the painting, losing track of the girl till she vanished away from the scene... and.... being now stuck in his painting.

This painting was a cage for himself, from which he may never come out?

And.. This girl was truly a mesmerizing beauty.....

© Aditya Subramanian, 2020

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