Tuesday, 25 February 2020

The Breathless Branch

A forest lay populated densely dead ahead and inside this denseness stood a huge tree like any other. The speciality was visible only upon it being observed. It had a strong large bark and had two major branches supported by the bark. One branch was thin and sturdy while the other being large and sensitive. The two branched out from the bark but also rejoined higher up. Their rejoining was marked with newer younger branches.
These younger branches had creepers connecting them so as to maintain their nearness to each other.
All types of weather loomed around the forest and this loosened the grip of the two elders. Each held onto few of their child branches which still were creeper protected. The sturdy and the sensitive still lived their satisfied lives. Many years passed and everything grew elder. All the younger branches grew stronger but the two main branches still remained stronger than their children and held to all of them firmly.
There came one day like a passage of life a thunderous raincloud. It was vast in size and loomed above. Eventually the downpour started. Numerous amounts of trees fell from their roots and some were left branchless but it was our particular tree that contained the torrent to it. It soaked all the waters and waited for the rain to stop. The raincloud passed.
The water held onto the thin and sturdy branch like an essential life form. Due to its thinness it had grown very weary by the downpour and because of the water clogged inside it felt jolts of drowning attacks. It felt like it was a filling bob which got filled with the oscillating water.
The breathlessness caught up with it and continuously it longed for fresh air. The air remained polluted and it became difficult for the branch.
Its natural glow started to fade and the water clog was so strong that it burst holes through the branch but instead of water the tree blood oozed out. The thin branch was self-aware and so knew its end was near and also it tried to swing and join all the younger branches with the creepers help additionally.
It persistently tried for a stretch of days and that paid off as its sturdy strength helped it to cling to the big sensitive branch. The creepers transferred the younger branches to the big branch and also held the thin branch.
The younger branches themselves crept like creepers and tried to keep the thin branch as peaceful as could be. Many other branches too from side trees came to give hope and strength but the thin branch had other plans. It was now totally satisfied to see everyone and let loose its sturdiness and let the thinness take its toll.
Just before all its strength went out the sun, which had come out of its hiding, shone brightly on it with unseen freshness. The thin breathless branch passed away and slowly the freshness emanating diminished….
[Written on 10th Feb 2013 - adding it here so it doesn't get lost!!]

© Aditya Subramanian, 2020

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