Tuesday, 12 May 2020

The Thought Abyss

A glowing sphere suspended with no support. At least not any currently visible. The thrumming glow felt out of place in this vastness of silence. It wasn't just dark but one of the pitch black kind. The single throb of constant glow wasn't enough for this darkness to satiate. The light particles from the sphere could be seen flickering their probable last as they came out of their protective shell to be consumed by the nothingness. A very specific few though could be seen shooting out suddenly following unknown paths. They sped so quickly with each beat of the rhythmic throb that only one could be concentrated upon at a time.

Following the complex path of one for what seemed like eternity though happening in a flash, through the complete darkness. A faint throb is heard, which intensifies as if, getting closer. Till the running glow gets consumed by a new sphere of light. Sparks signifying the consumption just like the separation. It throbbed for a bit, as if pondering? Then out it spewed more than a few in different directions. Were they thrown out in randomness? There was one which seemed to have taken the old path back.

Now, following another of the tiny ones, a twisting winding path was followed. Another throb could be heard getting nearer as this tiny light sped through the unknown. Within the nearest reaches of another illuminated sphere, the tiny one gave out, and fizzled to nothingness. The ever-looming darkness had its prey. This newer illumination, not knowing about the fate of the tiny one, throbbed for a bit and sent out newer tiny beings which too sped into the darkness unbeknownst of their fate.

Yet another tiny existence which was reaching up to a newer sphere on its merry path got suddenly pulled over by a bigger sphere. A packet of light meant not for the brute of a sphere was now consumed by it to process. Sparks flying around as it consumed and spewed out the tiny beings. This time though, the tiny lights seemed kind of different. They seemed to be packed with some.. lightning? Their journey a treacherous zigzag of hell itself.

A calmer big burning sphere, came into the picture. A zooming sparkly light flew past the nothingness as it seeped itself into the serene giant. A violent throb pulsating between the two lights went on for a bit before the serene giant was now the frenetic one. Consumed by the sparkly light, it was now one of them. It too processed and sent out newer sparkly lights ahead.

Due to the sparkle though, the threads of fate that tied the distant spheres together could be faintly perceived. Those are what made them hang in suspension. Some of the sparks flying too were though nothing but measly snacks for the darkness.

Zooming out from one sphere until a few were visible distantly, it was imminent that all of the ones nearby were slowly converting into the frenetic kind giving up on their serenity entirely. This electric display was a marvel of this universe. It was gradually yet exponentially increasing in number. Even in the vast unknown darkness now, the spheres could be seen sparking endlessly, their threads of fate too emitting a thundering glow. This interconnected network of spheres sending and receiving electrical signals to convey and to process were now in sync. All conveying one single thing in this dark abyss.

Zooming out further and further, the magnificence and the grandiosity of this network was stunning. Though, the more further flying away from it, the edge of the darkness seemed to have been hit. Pulling right out of it, through the blackness of thick strands, the view was of a bright scenery.

For a moment, there was an abrupt silence as the zooming slowed down to focus on the human it came out from. An emotion of anger erupted as lightning from this human......... the sparks inside flying in joy of the unknown darkness they were a part of.

© Aditya Subramanian, 2020

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