Tuesday 3 December 2019

The Lanky-Legged Presence

From deep within the darkest underground reaches of the world emerged a speck of dot. It was darker than the place it came from. Though it was strikingly visible enough in the bright open world whereupon it now happened to be. This dot sped to its unknown goal, at an insanely swift pace, with the intent to partake on the food it desired. Along the way, it fed as it needed, and it kept growing almost slowly but steadily. It was now large enough in size as a baby house gecko though still unable to be of a definable state. It started to form contrasts of darkness within itself. The difference is what was giving it a form. Still a spherical one, if it could be defined at all as one, only in shape, it cried in dismay.

As it passed through this enviable bright world the first time, it craved for a much more of a defined shape. While doing the second round of the world, it hit a wall? Wait a second, why was its motion stopped so abruptly. Especially when its been passing through any and all types of objects this whole time traversing the world. It seemed as if this wall was part of an enclosed space and it could take objects in but not let out (as of yet). This space was emanating a black hue which was surrounding the walls from the outside. It seemed like something which was known as a room in this world. It was made of walls in all six sides with few square openings of entry and the room's essence emanating itself from the other openings. The sentient speck understood that it had no way of exiting this space.

It looked for a place to settle down at. Found itself a good dark little home on one of the glades of the dangling fan, as it was called. It dangled down in this third dimensional space from its sixth side which in this world was known as a ceiling. Shutting itself down, it imagined of what it wants to be.

The small girl entered her room with her trusty backpack filled with things she loved into her bedroom, which was her house within the house. It had always been a place for her to ponder through her thoughts and be herself doing whatever she liked. She did not have to communicate with anyone once here.. just herself. She took out a story book she had been studying for the past few days, studying for quite sometime before shifting focus to trying to draw and then to write whatever she felt like at that moment of time.After having another good silent day, she started to doze off.

It restarted up, feeling cozier than it should. There seemed to be something within this constrained space that was feeding it the nourishment. It viewed around on its level above the "ceiling fan" as it now called its home. The energy seemed to be coming from below. Looking down it could perceive the small girl in rest mode. Though, not completely seemed at rest as the energy emanating and getting eaten away by it was causing the girl (being) to be restless.

More than an hour had already passed and now another couple more did, the small girl woke up suddenly, sweating profusely or so she thought. She was crying without her knowledge as she tried to recollect the nightmare that she had had within her sleep. She didn't understand, confused thoroughly as to why the thin and unusually long legs were what she remembered from the nightmare. She fidgeted around and tried to sleep... her gaze towards the ceiling and the fan's glades rotating about. Slowly dozing off, though still quite restless.

It brimmed with excitement, the onlooker of the event that transpired, at the sleeping girl. This fodder was excellent. It tasted the best. There was nothing close to this even in all the time frames that its been existing. It had now literally outgrown a smile on its slightly more spherical shape now.... the contrasts of darkness which gave the difference now updated to show its sinister smile more refined. This may be the best and quickest four years of its escape from this cage.

Almost a year has come to pass, and the sleepless nights continued day after day. The ceiling fan for some unknown reason freaked her out whenever she crossed by it. It felt like the darkness above the fan's glades were much more darker than it usually should be. The shadows seemed to form unusual shapes as well which she was unable to understand.

Aha! This year has been the best! A year has come to pass and its feeding frenzy has given it ample to form two horns above the spherical shape and an oval shape towards where its lower part of the body it perceived would be. It should try and thank its fodder when its a good time to, maybe next year? For now, it continued to eat to its fill from the sleepy mind of the small girl. The more her restlessness in her sleep, the better its meal.

Another scary nightmare, made the child scream and wake up, she had seen a sinister smile forming in the darkness and a slightly long leg like an adults this time around. Hanging from the ceiling fan in her nightmare. She kept her silence as to what was bothering her and still sobbing tried going back to sleep.

Its body shifted and moved in joy above the ceiling fan, as it thought to itself. Only the fodder can perceive the consumer...... It's been another year and this time, its grown skinny small arms and the child like short legs. It couldn't keep it comfortably over the glade so it rested out its feet to let it dangle from the dangling fan.

The girl, when entering her room, tried to scan and go around the ceiling fan. She was horrified by those long legs in her nightmares and she felt really insecure whenever she saw the ceiling fan after that. Viewing this time, she got startled. There were child like, pitch black colored, legs dangling from her ceiling fan and those legs seemed to sway back and forth in joy! On her asking her parents to view this, was only met with a soothing for something that doesn't exist. Though, those child-like legs exist!!

Its now, the third year and its a fully grown aberration. Its essence is emanating for almost half of the room's. Just a bit more it thought, for it to be free from this cage. Its dangling legs grown quite longer and the nightmares to visit were much more vivid to the fodders. It tried to reach out with its hand-like shapes at the sleeping girl. It was but to signify a note of thanks for giving it enough fodder.

The horns on a spherical shape is what she viewed in her nightmare which jolted her right back up. This, now, only aggravated when she felt the presence of something like a hand reaching out and tapping her shoulder. The screams from within the house were loud and never been heard of before!!!

 During this year, its been having a great time. Been trying to thank this small girl for letting herself being a mind fodder for it of her own accord. Her choices she probably would not remember but it was one within her dreams.. if she used to have one that is before "it" came along.

The poor little girl's thinking energy felt sapped every night and she kept trying to Hall-wu-see-Nate (is what others called it) about this creature that doesn't exist. She tried her best to stay away from being below the fan when going about her day everyday but once in a while, she always kept shuddering due to the hands' presence on her shoulders.

Again, it wanted to thank the girl before leaving from this cage tomorrow. Yes, it could leave now, as its essence was more than half of the room's. Its long legs now so long that it almost was above the girl's bed even when dangling from the ceiling fan. It tried to greet with a wave inside the girl's nightmares.

The girl woke up. She didn't know she had woken up though, as she could still perceive the long legged presence sitting atop the ceiling fan. She was shocked and gradually became silent. She kept her shock inside of her. Not wanting to talk about it ever again. Shuddering yet frozen in time, she went back to sleep with open eyes. Maybe she doesn't discern nightmare from reality anymore. This aberrated apparition had broken her to no repair....?

Next day, it had broken free from the cage. It traced its place back to the darkness and vanished away to its family. It would be fun to talk about this experience with them. Though it never got to thank the girl for her mind fodder. Well, it can always try to visit her another time maybe... it thought this while it subconsciously sat like it did atop the ceiling fan while swaying its legs and having the sinister smile....

© Aditya Subramanian, 2020

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