Thursday, 25 April 2019

The Curved Blades

The bland red hilt covered in dust. The inscriptions from an ancient age, the meanings of which long forgotten, mostly hidden due to the sticky grains having a reddish green tinge.

The textured feel of the hilt had a smooth but firm grip to it. It could be easily slipped from the hand just like butter? Whatever butter was? On the other side, it had the tenacity to stick to the hand. Twas as if the hilt wanted to be covered by warm hands due to the cold life its metal formation gave it.

The end of the hilt was supported by a pommel so round that it felt squarely in place. It had the right amount of concentric circles with an inscription in the middle. The pommel had a contrasting shiny yet dark red hue to it.

The opposite side of the hilt was guarded, by the guard. To be precise, it guarded the holder of the hilt more than the hilt. The guard was thinner but long having upward curved ends. Its curves helped an attacker's blade get stuck on it as if interlocking the blade and not letting it go....

It wasn't as detailed as the hilt but its steel was of a colder form more to the likeness of the blade it separated from the hilt. The ends of the guard had an alien decoration features of which felt like a gaping creature. The eyes of the creature had the same inscription as the pommels. Could it be that the pommel's inscription was a button for the gaping poisonous breaths?

The blades, emanating the coldest stare from the sword with a very artistic and curvy fuller. The fuller had the most fun of the blood the blade soaked, as it let it flow through it. Though the edges did most of the work, being the sharpened portion of the family. They with the side of the blade enjoyed the cutting and slicing. When they passed through things, it felt like they were cutting butter. What's with the butter again? Whatever butter is?

The blades were medium sized to an average alien, or maybe person. Warmer their hands better the blade felt as the hilt passed the warmth through. The tip and sides could cut even the strongest metal with a touch. Probably even the air around them, if need be.

Beside the blade, its sister blade lay, it was a twin but they had their curse. When a single one was used to strike the opponent, the other grew shorter, while the striking blade grew longer. It was a slight change but that happened steadily. If both were struck at the same moment, they stayed at the same length.

The smaller a blade grew, the warmer the hilt felt. The warmer it felt, the colder its needs grew. It formed its intent to burn the holder ever so slightly if that happened. The burn could be double-edged of nature. Slowly seeping life from the owner but also burning others through a damage attribute or a burning projectile from their hands when pushed through the air? Was it a curse then or a blessing? It still burns though.... These cursed blades.....

© Aditya Subramanian, 2020

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