Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Paper Wall

The wooden board clamped to the wall was filled with colorful strips of paper. Beside it were more paper which were all stuck to the wall. The whole view looked beautiful.

The strips of paper were of varying sizes, shapes, and colours. From squares, to slender and fat rectangles, to circulars to even a penta-star. Some were shaped in itself like notebooks while others had tiny little graphs pointing from one to the other in a complex manner which seemed like an interconnected transportation system.

The wall's creamish colour gave off the contrasting colours very well. While the wooden board did the same effect for the strips of paper. Looking into the small strips the viewer observed squiggly lines forming up letters which in turn formed into words having a meaning to the person it was of and they helped her to be focused on the current situation.

The eyes turning their observation to the table on which the viewer was seated beside and writing this observation which was near the wall had lots of small and large stuff. For example, a bag, small cans, tissues, laptops, and even a "mouse". All of which were set on the table and being handled presently by the person this setup of was.

This setup with the paper wall was a delight to watch in terms of the wall art and the story it told and the person managing it the story maker.

© Aditya Subramanian, 2020

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