Saturday, 7 November 2015

The Skeletal Kingdom

I was sleeping in my bed and rolling around on it. While, I was having a dream where I saw a skeletal kingdom underneath my bed. I saw their massive skeletal structures and bony creatures roaming through their rectangular paths which got crooked feels due to the crookedness of the bones they were made of.

When I woke up, still half in sleep, I curious about my dream tried to look underneath the bed. What I saw scared me and made me cry of fright. My first observance was of red blooded cotton rounds dropping from the spiked teeth of one of the creatures as it was trying to eat some fluffy animal.

I shifted my gaze towards another creature which seemed silent in looks at first but then suddenly bluish lights started shining from inside its skeletal heart with the glow in its eyes becoming from a light to a dark blue glare. Unable to keep focus due to those visual sights, my gaze turned towards a skeletal tower which had lights glowing similar to the other creatures. It felt like it was trying to signal some ship lost in the sea beyond. But then suddenly a giant lizard, as skeletal as the other inhabitants, which was looming behind that tower, licked its poisonous tongue against the enormous tower and melting it to nothingness.

Whatever flesh it had inside of it was starkly visible to me and this was good enough to scare me more than I could handle. I immediately got up, eyes wide awake, and switched on my bedroom lights and looked underneath the bed to confirm as to what I had seen.

What made me surprised were the glow in the dark toys I had from long ago which had been pushed under there and got lost and forgotten.

I realized that the dream was successful in its effort to remind me of those toys by using fear as a stimulant to give back the memories of those glow in the dark skeletal toys of mine..

© Aditya Subramanian, 2020

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