Monday 6 April 2015

The Heart-Breaker Kid

There was once a kid who liked to have all the experiences in the world. It was ignorant of the fact of how it affected other's feelings. It always enjoyed its time and made everyone happy but it also had an annoying habit of chatting with someone continuously. At any place and at any time it could open its mouth like some kind of a recommend-er system. It 'recommended' stuff before it knew it what is going to be talked, asked, or told about. It had quite a few friends who would ideally recommend what is to be done in a situation. It understood and still neglected it.

One day it met a sweet kid with whom it felt wanting to keep chatting, even if it meant to annoy the other kid to the extreme that the friends of that kid came to shelter it. There was also a unique relationship between that kid and one of its friends and it was one made with the heart and not the mind, or whatever the saying was.

The annoying kid got a clean and simple message that if it went ahead with its annoyance then it will be breaking many hearts including its own. It became scared and ran away from the new sweet kid who was still willing to be a good friend, which is what is needed in life, but how was it supposed to understand the way the world goes and how it needs to come out of its blind annoying world.

It, rather, chose to stay with its friends, shielded by the blinds rather than, say, yes to being a good new friend. How could it be a good friend after being an annoying pest or more of a stalker to that sweet kid?

It did not want to break someone's heart for the purpose of the experience. Although it was maybe a heart-breaker kid never to get the correct connection in a heart-full way with someone.

The experience that matters is the experience that matters or, was it, what matters is the experience of what matters? This is what it felt now. It was quite heartless in feelings it guessed. Rather be a fixer than a breaker? But how could it undo what it did?

The thoughts formed forever in that memory leaking brain of its. And so the heart-breaker kid sat pondering.....

© Aditya Subramanian, 2020

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