Wednesday 11 December 2013

The Musical Flow

A huge rock formation stood beside a pool of water. Tall trees guarded it like warriors. The sunlight scattered through the leaves and the water reflected it with brilliance. On the other side of the rock was a vast water body. A stream of water flowed from it through the rocks and fell down into the pond from different areas. Some from inside the holes between the rocks and other from above.

Many birds of varying sizes and colours were perched on branches of the trees in that area. Their chirping sounds were echoing in the calm forest. Every bird's chirping was different and there were monkeys too which rested on the tree tops. A man who was trekking in that forest came upon that area and sat down to rest under a tree.

The eyes were closed but the ears stayed open and what it listened to after a while was imaginative.

At first, the ears caught hold of the sound of the falling down of the different strings of water. Each of the different sources from which the water fell made sounds that differed, be it slightly, from the other in make as well as the timing. It was quite unusual at first but the un-usuality gradually decreased as the chirping of the birds filled some of the gaps, which also varied in tones and timing.

Next to fall in place was the soft sound from the movement of the trees due to the breeze in the air. Lastly the clamour from the monkeys at random times also made it amusing.

It went on for a while as the ears kept itself alert to every sound made, high and low and fast and slow. It was the best music which had ever been recorded by these ears.

The downstream of the music was beautiful.....

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